About Startup Uganda

Startup Uganda (SU) is an association of innovation and entrepreneurship support organizations (IESO) working towards strengthening the startup support ecosystem and sector. Rooted in the fundamental belief that innovators and entrepreneurs are a driving source of economic, social, and environmentally sustainable development, the association is committed to creating an enabling environment where startups can access the support they need to start and grow. As an association of organizations, Startup Uganda’s approach stems from the conviction that we are stronger and more impactful together than we are alone. Startup Uganda endeavors to deepen the trust, sharing, and collaboration between members and the ecosystem at large. SU was initiated in 2019 by eight IESO members with support from the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). The association intends on expanding its reach and impact by including a greater number and variety of IESOs and working with the government, the private sector, donor communities, and other ecosystem supporters. Towards these ends, SU embarked on a strategy development process to set comprehensive priorities and a path for development and growth. This Strategic Plan (2020-2025) is an internal, guiding document for SU members, executive committee/ board of directors, and secretariat.

Our Vision

A modern and prosperous Uganda where innovators and entrepreneurs easily access the relevant support that they need to start, grow and scale their businesses.

Our Mission

Startup Uganda is an association of innovation and entrepreneurship support organizations working together to improve collective capacities, influence, and impact, and to create a more enabling environment for innovators and entrepreneurs — that, in turn, drives development across Uganda.

Our Objectives

Startup Uganda will use the following six strategic goals over the next five years (2020-2025), as our guide toward the vision and mission. The first four relate to our external impact and work with and through our members, and the last two look inwards, having been developed to ensure the establishment of a strong foundation for our new association to grow on. In order to achieve these goals, corresponding Strategic Objectives have also been identified to provide a clear and substantive framework for SU leadership, team, and members in the coming years.