Hive Colab Incubation Support


2021 02 16
Start Date
Hive Colab
2021 07 31
End Date
- 16-35 years of age. - A business owner in Abim and Lira
Abim and Lira
About this Program

Our purpose is to cultivate and scale innovative ideas that will power Uganda’s digital economies. We want to support you to achieve your business targets through business training, investor connections, funding, partnerships and co-working space.

As such, to join Hive Colab, we need you to fill this application form. We offer support that includes a structured curriculum developed by professionals from Hive Colab , the USA and the UK. You will have access to consultants from both Uganda and around the globe, to train and guide you throughout the year.

This program will include access to office hours from our consultants, experts and mentors to support you achieve your business goals for the year.

We are committed to working with you because your success is our success.