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Name One liner Industries Stage
Marula Agribusiness Ltd Marula Agribusiness Ltd - Validation
Famunera Famunera - Validation
Swipe to Pay Swipe to Pay - Validation
Tukole Tukole - Validation
UPSKILL UPSKILL - Early Traction
Mikolo Uganda Limited Mikolo Uganda Limited Mikolo Uganda Limited Early Traction
Our Roots Africa Our Roots Africa - Validation
Reform Africa Reform Africa - Validation
Uganics Uganics - Validation
Tugende Tugende - Early Traction
Ensibuuko Ensibuuko - Early Traction
SafeBoda SafeBoda - Scaling
Solar Now Solar Now - Scaling
PAAT Soil Clinic PAAT Soil Clinic - Validation
Teheca Teheca - Validation