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Name One liner Industries Stage
Xente Xente - Scaling
Wazi Vision Wazi Vision - Validation
Pegasus Pegasus - Scaling
Hamwe Hamwe - Early Traction
Minute 5 Minute 5 - Validation
The Medical Concierge Group The Medical Concierge Group - Early Traction
Kawowo Sports Kawowo Sports - Validation
Beyonic Beyonic - Scaling
Kentaro Handmade Organics Kentaro Handmade Organics - Validation
KweNu Juice and Salad Bar KweNu Juice and Salad Bar Inspiring Healthy Habits Validation
Kweli Skin Organics Kweli Skin Organics From the Earth Validation
Backspace Ivy U Ltd Backspace Ivy U Ltd - Ideation
Zoora Zoora - Validation
Digital Woman Digital Woman - Validation
Patasente Patasente - Validation