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Name One liner Industries Stage
Kanzu Code Kanzu Code - Validation
Agribusiness Development Center Agribusiness Development Center - Validation
Simple Technologies Simple Technologies - Validation
Farm Kiosk Farm Kiosk - Ideation
Sunbelt Holdings Sunbelt Holdings - Validation
iKitty Life iKitty Life - Ideation
Trampo Technologies Trampo Technologies - Ideation
Digi Health Digi Health - Ideation
EcoSmart EcoSmart - Validation
mSCAN mSCAN - Early Traction
Stre@mline Health [email protected] Health - Early Traction
Youth Initiative for Development in Africa Youth Initiative for Development in Africa - Ideation
Chap Chap Chap Chap - Early Traction
Wena Hardware Wena Hardware - Early Traction
Buildings Application Buildings Application Buildings App Ideation